About Aether

All of the tracks from "Aether" were conceived and composed in Santo Domingo in 2004. They were arranged and recorded in Toronto (at Elf Studio) and the album was released in 2007. The primary themes behind the sounds of Aether were based on the elements (Earth, Fire, Water, Air). The sound of Aether is the base of all sounds, and is the undertone which is ever continuous. Its instrument is the human body and it can be audible through it. Although it is all prevading, yet it is unheard. It manifests to us as we purify our bodies from material properties. The sound of Aether is self-contained, and it holds all forms and colors. It reflects the elements: earth, air, water and fire and tunes the soul towards acceptance and living in harmony with them.

Inspiration: The Mysticism of Sound and Music, by Hazrat Inayat Khan.

Tracks (8)

sunrise in aviary
Sunrise in Aviary
break free
Break Free
break free
Alma de la Calle
Alma de la Calle
together again
Together again